Top 5 Blog Ping Sites To Get Your Site/Blog Indexed Faster In Google Search Engine !

All of us love to get our site indexed in google and other search engines intantly once we publish any  new post on blog or site . Only a few sites get indexed in seconds after posting their content online . Do you want to index your blog posts every time you update your blog post , then you need to ping your site to notify the search engines that your blog has been updated with some fresh content . Every time your ping is pinged , the search engines are notified about updated content on your blog . Though one cannot guarantee indexing of your content , it might get index in five minute , or even 1 hour . It depends on the amount of blogs in the queue to get indexed .

Top 5 Blog Ping Site To Get Your Site/Blox Indexed Faster In Google
Ping Your Blogs To Get Indexed Faster

What Is A Ping ?

In blogging, a ping is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server that its content has been updated. An XML-RPC signal is sent from the weblog to one or more “Ping Server(s)” (controlled by the weblog) to notify a list of their “Services” of new content on the weblog.
Below are the most used blog ping submission sites which will hep your blog in organic traffic .
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List Of Top Online Blog Pinging Services Sites :

1. Pingomatic : Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated.Make sure to only ping specialized services if they’re relevant to your blog, otherwise you’ll cause an undue burden on them.

2. Pingler : Blog and Ping Tool – Use to Drive Traffic your Blogs and Website . Pingler Provide Browser Extensions for chrome and firefox , Using these extensions you can index your blog links in just one click . Also , upgrading for premium account , will give your blogs automatic pings every days automatically.

3. GooglePing : Dont get confued with the site name , this site isnt any partner site of google . You can ping your site using google ping for free . This site has drawn more attention of bloggers in recent days .

4. BulkPing :  Bulk Ping is Unique Auto Mass Ping Service that will ReBoost and ReEnergize your Websites and Blogs. With Bulk Ping you invite the Search Engines to visit your site & crawl fresh Content & Index new Links that will ultimately results in more Targetted Traffic and Search Engine Rankings. You can Free Mass Ping UNLIMITED Urls or RSS Submit at once to 25+ Main Engines  all for FREE

5. Twingly : Twingly is also an blog pinging tool , its very simple site to use . Just you need to enter your blog url and get it pinged for the search engines.

Note : Pinging your blogs to get indexed in search engines is good , but excess pinging of your blig links will leave your site in trouble . So , don’t ping the same url excessively to get them indexed . Pinging your blog only one time a day is recommended .

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