How Can I Delete My Wapka Site | How To Delete Wapka Mobi Site ?

how can i delete wapka site

Hi,We have got many mails from our users to tell how to remove wapks mobi sites permanently . So we decided to write a tutorial about this.

The fact is that in reality wapka site doesnt have any option to delete sites completely.You will not find any option in to delete your site.

How Can I Delete My Wapka Site ?
Only Method is to contact the wapka admin from feedback link in your wapka account after you login to wapka to block the site . You can tell wapka admin the reason to block it and convince him to do so.
You will soon receive email from wapka and your site will be blocked.

Reason Why Wapka Sites Cant be Deleted ?

unable to delete my wapka site how to delete wapka
Any Help with wapka, post in comments below !


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