How to Change FeedBurner Email Subject Title For High CTR/Email Open Rate

Feedburner is a feed delivery service which delivers our site’s RSS feed to subscribed users via email. Feedburner is still the most used feed service as its a google product, and also it offers it for free of cost.
Though Feedburner doesn’t provide great email customization like MailChimp or Aweber but still it has some options which would make your feed email subject look better.


How to Change FeedBurner Email Subject Title

If you are using Feedburner and haven’t tweaked any settings which come by default, your feed title will be sent as Feed subject for every email. So probably every email that reaches your email subscribers has a regular title, and the user might not be interested to open your email just by seeing your site name. If your email has some good title, it has 80% more chances to get clicked by your subscribers and resulting more traffic from email subscriptions.

So, Here is the process of Changing FeedBurner Email Newsletter Title:

1. Login to your Feedburner.

2. Select the particular feed you want to edit email subject.

3. Now, Click On Publicize tab as shown below.

How to Change FeedBurner Email Subject Title

4. As We need to change Email Settings, Click On Email Subscriptions.

How to Change FeedBurner Email Subject Title

5. Further, Select Email Branding Option, provided below Email Subscriptions.

6. Now, In Email Subject/Title Textbox, Change it to:

${latestItemTitle} – Your Site Name Here Or Your Site Name Here – ${latestItemTitle}

Note : ${latestItemTitle} Will Show Up Latest Post Tile In Email Subject .

Also, Check On “Change Subject when an email has 2 or more items.”

and add this :
Your Site Name Email Updates: “${latestItemTitle}” plus ${m} more 
Your Site Name Email Updates (in this message: ${n} new items)

On making these settings, Your email subject will be changed to your Post Title [First Post Of that particular day] 

If You email contains only one Post, Then It will Show:

” Top 6 Blogging Tools – WapmastersZone “

If You made 5 or 6 Posts on any particular day , It will be shown as :

” WapmastersZone : Top 6 Blogging Tools plus 6 More Updates “

Also , You can Add your Site Logo Url as shown in the image above , which will be shown in the email sent to all your subscribers .

This Tips helps to create branding among your site readers and thus increases traffic to your site !

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