How Cloudflare, W3 Cache Or HyperCache Can Drop Your Adsense Earnings ?

Have your ever used cache to make your site load faster ? Then you might have also noticed a drop in your adsense earnings if you havent configured them perfectly . Google always recommends to make your site speed faster by caching the static files and with the introduction of new google algorithm update for mobile sites, google has clearly stated that it will ignore or drop ranking of sites which are not perfectly built to serve mobile users with good page speed time. So it becomes compulsory to use any good caching services like Cloudflare, Incapsula , W3Cache – Hypercache(For WordPress Blogs) .

How Cloudflare, W3 Cache Or HYperCache Can Drop Your Adsense Earnings ?

Recently, We made an experiment on how these caching services effects in huge reduce in earnings we were shocked to see the results , there was around 50-70% drop in adsense earnings  with traffic remaining almost the same for around a week .

So What Are The Recommended Settings For CloudFlare , W3Cache or Any Other Service ?

We Know that Adsense or any Ad Units are javascript codes which are needed to be inserted into our pages to show relevant ads to our users . Also modification of this code is not allowed as per adsense TOS. Cloudflare or Any Other service can cache all the static files and Minify the Html , CSS and JS Codes before it is rendered on the web page . To Minify the code, the extra spaces, Line Breaks, Comments are removed from our html, css and javascript code reducing the size of the file. So our javascript code may beak sometimes and results in blank adesense ads . Cloudflare Comes with RocketLoader Which Makes Javascript load faster. This Rocketloader may be sometimes incompatible with the adsense codes resulting in Low Adsense Earnings after cloudflare is enabled on your blog.

How to Increase Your Adsense Earnings Again ?

You can get get back your adsense earnings by just making some simple recommended settings in your web caches services settings i.e, Cloudflare, W3 Cache etc.

1. Change RocketLoader to Manual In Your Cloudflare Settings !

2. Also, You Should Disable Minify Js : Dont Minify the Javascript Codes On Pages, You Can Use Htaccess to cache Javascript files if they are uploaded on your server, but dont minify on page Javascript Code !

If you are WordPress user, Cloudflare & W3Cache are available as plugin with One Click Setup, So you need to look at every options before activating any plugins like this.
W3 cache has options to Minify the Javacsript codes , You Need to disable it by Unchecking On Remove LineBreaks, Remove Spaces, and Remove Comments In Javascript Code !

Cloudflare ,Incapsula and W3 Cache are Indeed the best services to make your site load faster in user’s browsers but you should also know how to use them in the best way to earn more out of adsense else you will end up with decrease in your site earnings !

Still many experts say Cloudflare Or Other Cache Services have nothing to do with Adsense , but In Fact Caching effects your adsense Earnings and it has been confirmed many times by webmasters. Just Make this changes and you will definately see the results within 24 hours if you are already facing this problem ! 

Dont forget to Comeback and Post your comments to let us know if it worked for you or not !

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