SEO Tips For Newbies | How Will Be OnPage and OffPage SEO

How will be the seo in 2015 ? What should be the planning strategies for my site seo in 2015 ? Will SEO Be Totally Dead In 2015 ? There are many unanswered questions infront of us , you will know the answers to all the questions by the end of this post .

Top SEO Trends in 2015 Seo Tips 2015 How Will be SEO 2015

With the change in google’s algorithms, it is tough to handle seo , but still seo is alive. Keep an eye on the five main SEO TIPS we provide to save your site from search engines penalties and also from google algorithmic changes like penguin,panda or Humming bird !

1. Quality Content : For any blog Content is king.You should keep in mind to create quality informative articles for your blog visitors , not for attracting search traffic using keywords/titles not related to your blog’s content.You will be surely rewarded for quality traffic .

Quality Content Seo 2015


2.Non Spammy Backlinks : Linking to spammy sites or getting traffic or backlinks from spam sites will also penalise your site and will alter your search engine rankings in near future.Use Google Webmaster Tools[GWT] or use any backlink checker tool like AHREFS Or SiteExplorer to find out sites linking to your blog and also links which are dofollow in your site.Avoid linking to sites unless you know there aren’t spam
3.Images Seo Optimisation : Optimising Images for seo also drives out traffic to your site from images search engines i.e; Google Images . Using appropriate alt and title tags will help google find out what your image is all about . Dont Stuff too much keywords into alt and title tags, just keep it simple
image alt tag seo 2015
4.Mobile Friendly Site : Reports say that the usage of Smartphones and Tablets are increasing rapidly , thus more people accessing sites more on mobile devices rather than PC’s . So Make your site mobile friendly . Make your site has a friendly mobile version which can help people using smartphones to access and navigate in your site hassle free. You can test your site for mobile friendliness using Google Mobile Friendly Test


5.Avoid BlackHat SEO Tricks :  Black hat SEO tricks will harm your site in 2015 Seo Algorithm Updates. Using Link farms, AutoBots will leave your blog nowhere for SEO  In 2015. Always follow genuine Seo techniques and your site/blog will be surely benifited.

Still have any SEO related queries , post your queries in comments ,We will surely try to help you !

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