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Invalid Activity or Invalid click Activities is a major problem for Adsense publishers as publishers are getting banned day by day to participate in Adsense program with a message ‘You account has been disabled because we found some invalid click activities in your account’. Just because of these type of typical problems people start ignoring adsense and start giving major priority to alternatives of google adsense like Chitika, Bidvertiser, Infolink etc.
Because these sites have no strict rules and regulations for their publishers like adsense. There is very less chance to be suspended from these ad networks, but also these are less CPC paying network as compared to google adsense.


That’s why I have decided to write here for those adsense publishers who are still active and working but have fear of to be suspended in future by adsense team. After reading this post, readers will be able to know about following points:

  • Definition of CPC, Clicks, CTR, Pageviews, CTR, Estimated Earnings!
  • About Invalid Activities in Adsense!
  • Ways to Detect Invalid Activities in Google Adsense!

CPC: CPC in adsense refers to cost per click. It means a amount which adsense publisher can earn when visitors make clicks on Adsense ads.

Clicks: Number of times a visitor has clicked on ads.

CTR: CTR means Clicks through Ratio. It is calculated as (Clicks / Pageviews) x 100.

Pageviews/Impressions: Pageviews are the Action a user takes of viewing a page with an ad displayed.

Estimated earnings: It is calculated by multiplying CPC with number of clicks. It is the estimate of earnings.

Invalid Activities in Adsense:

Invalid activities in Google adsense consists of fake impressions or clicks which artificially inflate an publisher’s earnings.

Ways to Detect Invalid Click Activity in Google Adsense :

Following are the ways which help you to monitor your adsense account and warn you that something is going wrong with your account and now the time to do something to stop these type of invalid activities which may become the reason of suspension of your adsense publisher account in future:

#1. If your CTR is over 20%. Normal range of CTR is 1% to 10% approx. But if your CTR is too high then it makes google to think that there is something fake.

#2. CPC with ‘0’ value. Suppose in any case you are getting too much clicks but CPC is very low or zero, then there is also a chance of Invalid activities happening with your account.

#3. High rise and fall in estimated earnings. Suppose you get $5 as estimated earnings in past hour but it drops to zero in next hour.

#4. Lot of Clicks in less pageviews. If you get 20 clicks in just 100 pageviews.

#5. Wrong placement of Ads on Blog.

#6. Encouraging people to click ads by offering them incentives or making requests.

#7. Fake traffic.

#8. More than 3 ad units on a newly approved site or blog for Adsense.

#9. Traffic from PTC (Paid to Click sites).

#10. Asking others to Click on ads.

Make sure you are not doing any of the mistakes given above, because repetition of these mistakes will block or disable your adsense account permanently.

Author Bio:
This article ‘How to Detect Invalid Activity in Google Adsense’ has been written by Suresh Kumar, Founder and CEO of Tips2secure blog based on latest technology updates, Blogging and Free SEO tips, Adsense, Security, Ethical hacking and many more!
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