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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How To Add Seo Title/Url For Wapka Pages To Get High Google Search Traffic

Hi,Welcome to another full tutorial on sites seo.This tutorial will deal with the seo optimisation title and url structures of wapka pages ,which will indeed help to rank higher for keywords you are ranking in search engines like google , yahoo or bing.

How to Keyword Optimize Your Wapka.Mobi Site and Pages :
Wapka is most used by webmasters for creating mobile download content portal, due to its easy customisation and also lots of features.Wapka doesnot have good features for optimising Onpage Seo , which is a negative aspect for wapka users.

But by following small tips and customisations, you can overcome all seo problems on your wapka sites.

Here is how to do it :

1. Login to your wapka using wapks passport or old login

2. Select your sites from List of sites shown.

3. Now Open any wapka page or homepage of wapka in admin mode.

4.Click On ::EDIT SITE:: On Bottom Of Your Wapka Page.

5. Under Settings, Click On Change Title.

6. You will have two fields to fill up for Title of page and also url of page.

7. Now You have to Enter Your Title with targeted keyword or Most important ketwod In it.

8. Now also fill up the url field with important keyword in it, but url should have spaces in between.It should be separated by underscores(_) in between them.Now Click On Edit Title and Done.

Now your url is seo optimized. Earlier Your Url structure was :

Now you have changed it to

Note : Dont Stuff too many keywords in title and url, Keep it simple and clean , also Title not more than 50-60 characters and url around 40 characters.

Your wapka site is ready to get boost in google search rankings.


Saturday, 24 January 2015

How To Add Bigrock Domain To Wapka.Mobi Site | Wapka Custom Domain Settings .Com/Net/Asia/Org

Hi, Today we will tell you how to add your own custom domain you have bought up from .For this , you will need to have a bigrock domain of your choice,any doamin .com,,.org etc.
Once you buy the domain and make payment for it,then the domain is ready to make setup with your wapka site.

You can See Our Post On : 

Lets see how to set Wapka Site with custom domain name :

1. Login to your Bigrock Account and click on List Of Orders . Now you Will find your website you have purchased in it.

2.Click on the website you would like to add in wapka site.

3.Now Under Domain Registration ,Click On Name Servers And Remove Default Name Servers and add the Name Servers In it.

wapka bigrock name servers ns1.wapka how to

and Save them.

wapka nameservers bigrock domain

4. Now Click On DNS Management > Manage DNS 

wapka site dns manage custom bigrock domain

5. Now click on Manage DNS > Add A records 
Add the Following A Records One by one and Save them ,

List Of A Records :

wapka bigrock a records settings

6. Once you add all the A Records, it should look like this 

a records for wapka bigrock domain

7. Now its time to add domain in your Wapka admin panel.Login to Wapka Admin Account
Select your Site and Click On Domain Manager .
Click On Own Domain > Add Domain 

Also Read : 

8. Enter your bigrock domain name here and save it , Now Wait for 24-48 hours depends on your domain registrar.Now Your Custom Domain for Wapka is ready to use.

If you face any problems,please feel free to comment below.We will respond shorlty.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

How Can I Delete My Wapka Site | How To Delete Wapka Mobi Site ?

how can i delete wapka site

Hi,We have got many mails from our users to tell how to remove wapks mobi sites permanently . So we decided to write a tutorial about this.

The fact is that in reality wapka site doesnt have any option to delete sites completely.You will not find any option in to delete your site.

How Can I Delete My Wapka Site ?

Only Method is to contact the wapka admin from feedback link in your wapka account after you login to wapka to block the site . You can tell wapka admin the reason to block it and convince him to do so.
You will soon receive email from wapka and your site will be blocked.

Reason Why Wapka Sites Cant be Deleted ?

unable to delete my wapka site how to delete wapka
Any Help with wapka, post in comments below !

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Wapka SEO Tips 2015 : Wapka Robots.TXT Code To Get Huge Traffic In Google Search Engines

Wapka Robots.TXT Code To Get Huge Traffic In search Engines

What Is Robots.txt ?

Robot Exclusion Standard, also known as the Robots Exclusion Protocol or robots.txt protocol, is a convention to advising cooperating web crawlers and other web robots about accessing all or part of a website which is otherwise publicly viewable. Robots are often used by search engines to categorize and archive web sites, or by webmasters to proofread source code. The standard is different from, but can be used in conjunction with, Sitemaps, a robot inclusion standard for websites

How to Configure Robots.txt in Wapka Site :
Go to Wapka E.S >> Global Settings >>
Select Head Tags(meta,style,....)
Now, Click On Edit Robots File
Wapka Robots.TXT Code To Get Huge Traffic In search Engines

How to Create Wapka Stylish Forum 2015

Insert the Below Code In It :

Wapka Robots.TXT Code To Get Huge Traffic In search Engines

Also Read : How Can I Delete My Wapka Site | How To Delete Wapka Mobi Site ?

Here is the Robots.txt Code :

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google 
Disallow: /
User-agent: * 
Allow: /

Note : Replace with your site Url

Click & Copy Your Code Here :

Click On Save And Wait for Google Spiders to Crawl Your Site...

How To Add Bigrock Domain To Wapka.Mobi Site

Incoming Search Terms :

* robot.txt tutorial 
* Wapka robot text
* Robots.txt code to crawl in search engine on wapka
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* Wapka Robots.txt and sitemap.xml 


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How To Create Android App For Wapka Site Online Free | Online Android App Creator Sites

In this post we will tell you how to create android apps for your wapka sites to reach more audiences within few minutes only. No Coding knowledge or Software is needed for this .
Check Out free android app maker Sites to create free android apps.You Can also create or make iphone apps for free

free android app maker Sites

The easiest way to make a mobile app for your small business, blog or community group, using our drag-and-drop mobile app maker.

TOP 5 Sites for Creating Android App builder For Your Site Online In Minutes :

1. AppMakr: App Maker for iPhone and Android
Make your own iPhone app for free with our mobile app maker software! No coding required and trusted by leading brands, our Android and iPhone app maker

2.FREE App Creator. Create Apps for Android. No Coding
Convert any web content into an Android App using AppsGeyser - The Free Android App Maker. Build Your Own App for Free and Make Money

3.iBuildApp - Create Android and iPhone App, Free,
Create iPhone, Android or iPad Apps and mobile websites for free. No coding required.Create an app for your business with intuitive editor.

4.Make Me Droid - Free Android/IPhone mobile app builder.
Build Android and IPhone mobile apps online for free in a few clicks. Try our free mobile app builder now!

5.AppYet - App Creator | Create Android App FREE!
Create stunning Android app in 5 minutes! Free and no coding required! 100% pure native code! Support RSS/Atom, HTML5, Podcast, YouTube, Facebook

Once your app is created , you can upload your .apk file to wapka site using filemanager or Wapka CM and Create an link in Home page to ask users to download your site apk files .

Any Comments,Suggestions are Invited .

Monday, 14 April 2014

Wapka Latest GiftShop Code Stylish Wapka Codes New Tutorial 2014

Wapka Latest GiftShop Code Stylish Wapka Codes New Tutorial-GiftShop Tutorial for Wapka Sites-how to create Gift shop for users in wapka - adding gift shop to wapka

Wapka Latest GiftShop Code

Step: 1 -goto ES>File Manager then create a new File Directory and name it as Gift. Then remember its DIR ID.Then upload all images to that directory that u want to use as Gift item in ur site.

Create 3 sites ex: Site A, B and C after creating goto ES>Users>Credit Settings>Individual
Credit Settings and select The site ID B. and put -100 and select Always when user click.
(this will be the amount of credit that will be deducted to user credit.)
Note: - Change all site ID and Directory ID that has been use in this Tutorial to ur own site ID and DIR ID.

3. Paste this code

Site A

Gift cost 100 Credit:br:Click the image to buy:filelist:d=DIRid,l=5,s=t-n(1):,o=n,nc=1,n=Gift is Empty!::<div style="padding-left: 1px; border-left: 1px solid #808080"><a href="/site_B.xhtml?get-id=%file_id%-hash-amp:"><img src="%url%" alt="gift"/></a> %name%</div>:: :/filelist::paging:n=ti-n(1):,u=:url-site-tid-site::&get-n=%n%::%prev% · %next%:/paging:

Site B

Sending Gift:br::filelist:d=DIRid,x=i,l=1::<img src="%url%" alt="gift"/> %name%:43 ti-id(0)::/filelist:<br/><form method="post" action="popup_A.xhtml">Send to: <input type="hidden" name="t" value="new"/><input type="text" name="usr_name" value="" style="-wap-input-format:'*x'"/><input type="hidden" name="popup_txt" value="Send you a Special Gift! [url=/site_C.xhtml?get-id=:geti-id:&get-sender=:user-tname:]Open it![/url]"/>-hash-input:<br/><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Send Gift"/></form>

 Site C
<div align="center">Gift Item Recieve</div>Gift Item from t-sender:!:filelist:d=DIRid,x=i,nc=1,l=1::<div align="center"><img src="%url%"/> %name% Gift!</div>:43 t-id(0)::/filelist:<div align="center"><a href=":url-site-0:">Home</a> · <a href="popup_0.xhtml-hash-qm:">Notifications</a></div>

Done Enjoy

Copy Code :


Wapka Whats On Your Mind Code In Facebook Style-Wapka Stylish Whats On Your Mind Xhtml

wapka what's on your mind facebook style Tutorial

Hi In this Tutorial I Will teach you how to add facebook style Whats On Your Mind Code In Wapka Site.Users Can Post their Status On their wapka wall simillarly like facebook.Lets Follow the tutorial below :

Go edit site - wml/xhtml and put this code

<div class="list2"><b>What's On Your Mind?</b><form method="post" action="blog_0.xhtml"><input type="hidden" name="blog_title" value="titleariea"/><textarea type="text" name="blog_body"></textarea>:admin-hash-input:<input type="hidden" name="fnc" value="new" /><br /><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Share" /> or <img src=""/> <a href=":url-site-9:">Photo</a></form></div><br/>:bloglist:o=n,l=6,s=:geti-number(1):,n=Empty,t=--:: <b>%lname% <br/> </b> %text%<br/><font color="#aaaaaa">%time%</font><br /><img src="/img/1537/1537910_9d0a163a23.png" alt="" /> <a href="site_home.xhtml?get-blog=%sn%&:admin-hash-amp:">Like</a>
&#x2022; <a href="%comments_url%?&:admin-hash-amp:">Comments</a>(%comments_count%) <br/>%del%<div class="hr"> </div>:: :/bloglist:

Click & Copy this Code below :

Now Go edit site - File Manager #> Create NEW directory

Now Go edit site - file uploader .
Text on button:

Upload file

Text or Site displayed
after upload file:

Allowed file types

Maximal allowed file size
in KB (0 = maximal):

Upload form style:

<div class="wap2"><br/>

Copy Code Below :

Directory: Choose UR Directory Which You Make In file Manager  and Submit


<div class="Foot">:filelist:o=tu,d=1,l=1,s=:geti-p(1):,n=No user
gallery uploaded,:: <b>
Your Photo Successfully uploaded</b><br/><br/><img src="%url%" alt="photo" width="45" height="55"/><br/>%comment%<form method="post" action="blog_21.xhtml" ><input type="hidden" name="blog_title" value="my Shared msgs"/>:admin-hash-input:<input type="hidden" name="fnc" value="new"/><input name="blog_body" type="hidden" value="shared a photo[fimg=%file_id%] %comment% "/>Do You Want To Post Your Photo In Update Status <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Post it"/></form>:: :/filelist: <br/></div>

Copy Code Below :

If It See [fimg=%file_id%]

Then Go Edit site - User - blog - setting - Mark On Enable WCODE (about WCODE): set 
Now Go in about WCODE - Mark in Last 2 Box Now Set WCODE

Now Enjoy 

Your Comments Are Welcomed Here...

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wapka Content Manager Files Searching Code Box With Download Page Preview Music Videos Games Softwares

Make New Page And Note Its Id.

Now Put This Code In Created Page.

Change Id And Necessory Things In This Code.

<div class="search" align="center"><form action="site_search_videos.xhtml" method="get"><input type="text" name="get-keyword" id="sfrm" value="" style="font-size:13px; vertical-align:middle; width:150px;" size="30"/> <input type="submit" value="Search" name="submit" style="font-size:12px; vertical-align:middle;"/></form></div>
<h2>:get-keyword(Stunt):</h2> :search-video:q=:get-keyword(stunt):,o=createtime desc,s=:geti-number(1):,n=No Files Found Try To Search Other Keyword.,l=5:: <table><tr class="items"><td class="catRow2"><img src="%thumburl%" alt="%title%"/></td><td><b><a href="%viewurl%"><b>%title%</b></a></b><br/>[Size: %filesize%]<br/>Hits: %downtotal%</td></tr></table> :: :/search-video: <div class="catRow2">Pages:- :paging:n=:geti-number(1):,u=site_search_videos.%ext%?get-keyword=:get-keyword:&get-number=%n%::admin-hash-amp: ::<table><tr><td><div class="catRow2">%n%</div></td><td><div class="catRow2">%n%</div></td><td><div class="catRow2">%n%</div></td><td><div class="catRow2">%n%</div></td><td><div class="dlf">...</div></td><td><div class="catRow2">%nlast%</div></td></tr></table> :/paging:</div>

Change Site Id And Necessory Things.

You Can Also Change Css.

This Code Is For Search Files In CM[content Manager] With Search Box.

This Code Is Only For Videos.

If You Want For Any Other Change :search-video: To :Search-Game: :search-image: Or Any Other

This Code Is For All Categoy Images Songs Videos Animations Themes Games Softwares And Any Other.
Don't Forget To Say Thanks.

If You Have Any Problems Post Here.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Add Wapka Last Update Manager Latest Code-Wapka Site Updates Codes Paging

Add Wapka Last Update Manager Latest Code-Wapka Site Updates Codes Paging

Go to Wapka Admin Mode,
Now Click On Last Update Manager as shown below:

To Add Updates,Click On Add Updates As Shown Below :

How to Create Wapka Stylish Forum 2015

After Adding Updates,Now You Can Paste the following Code on Main Page of Site, And Voila..Done

<div class="list2">:list-update:s=:geti-number(1):,l=5,o=cd,n=No last update available::%time_create% <b>%title%</b><a 
u=site_xx.%ext%?get-number=%n% :: %prev%-%n%-%n%-%n%-%next% 


Add Wapka Latest Forum Updates Codes-Stylish Wapka Forum Updates Html

Add Wapka Latest Forum Updates Codes-Stylish Wapka Forum Updates Html

Adding forum news or latest forum topic to your wapka community site is of great importance. Apart from the fact that it reduces bounce rate, it also make your site engaging and make it have an edge over other community site.

Wapka Latest Forum Updates Codes

To achieve this, follow the few steps below.

Look for a good visible location to add this feature, preferable at your site homepage.
Copy and place the below code to add forum news feature.

<div class="noti" style="padding:0px"><b>:forum-XXXX,YYYY,ZZZZ/name-link/1:</b> posted in :forum-XXXX,YYYY,ZZZZ/theme-link/1: :br: :forum-XXXX,YYYY,ZZZZ/date/1: </div><div class="noti" style="padding:0px"><b>:forum-XXXX,YYYY,ZZZZ/name-link/2:</b> posted in :forum-XXXX,YYYY,ZZZZ/theme-link/2: :br: :forum-XXXX,YYYY,ZZZZ/date/2:</div><div class="noti" style="padding:0px"><b>:forum-XXXX,YYYY,ZZZZ/name-link/3:</b> posted in :forum-XXXX,YYYY,ZZZZ/theme-link/3: :br: :forum-XXXX,YYYY,ZZZZ/date/3:</div>

Change XXXX,YYYY,ZZZZ to all your forum IDs. I.e if you have 4 forums, add the IDs separated by a comma(,) as shown above.

How To Add Bigrock Domain To Wapka.Mobi Site

If you will like to increase the number of display news, add
<div class="noti" style="padding:0px"><b>:forum-XXXX,YYYY,ZZZZ/name-link/4:</b> posted in :forum-XXXX,YYYY,ZZZZ/theme-link/4: :br: :forum-XXXX,YYYY,ZZZZ/date/4:</div>
Note: the number after the slash(/) eg that number tells the wapka tag to display the next available news. Alwayz make sure it in ascending order. I.e 1,2,3…

Html Code to Create Dropdown Menu In Wapka Site-How to Create Dropdown Menu

Html Code to Create Dropdown Menu In Wapka Site-How to Create Dropdown Menu

 Example :

Simply log in your wapka account admin mode
>> Click ::Edit site::
>> Select WML/XHTML code
Past below link on text area and add your links and titles on the code click on submit Button 
Drop down menu appear on the page. If you want see it all pages of your website add this code on -1 or -2 page. 

<form name="USER">
<select name="menu"><option value="http://YOUR LINK HERE">TITLE 1</option><option value="http://YOUR LINK HERE">TITLE1</option><option value="YOUR LINK HERE">TITLE1</option></select> <input onclick="[].value;" type="button" value="Go!" /> </form>

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Wapka Top 10 Files code Latest 2014 Wapka Codes

→ Wml/xhtml
→ Put This Code

:filelist:d=1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50,l=10,o=d,n=<span style="color: #FF0000;">folder is empty!</span>,s=1::<div class="page">
<img src="" alt="" /> %name% <br/>%size%<br/><a href="%url%"><span style="color: #fe8f17;">[DOWNLOAD]</span></a></div>

:: :/filelist:

Wapka Last Login and Register User Code Latest Wapka Code

→ Go Edit Site
→ Wml/xhtml
→ Put This Code

<div class="d" align="center">
<table border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5" width="100%">
<th>Last Loger</th>
<td width="20%">Last Register</td><td>:stats-lastreg-01-link:</td>


Wapka FileList Sorting Code-Sort By Downloads-Last Downloaded -Last Uploads

Check Out Wapka File Manager Code, Using this Code You Can Sort Files Depending On Last Download-Most Downloaded-Latest Upload,So Check Out This Code Below And Enjoy!!
Change site id 9 to ur own site id
→ Go Edit Site
→ Wml/xhtml
→ Put This Code

<form method="get" action="/site_9.xhtml?geti-number&get-sort=tl">

<select name="get-sort"><option value="">Sort Files</option><option value="d">Most Download</option><option value="tl">Last Download</option><option value="tu">Latest Upload</option><option value="s">File Size</option><option value="n">A 2 Z</option></select><input type="submit" value="Ok"/></form>

Wapka People you may know Code Latest Html Codes

Check Out Wapka  People you may know Code,This Code Will Display Site Users and Provide Option to Add As Friend

: userstats:d=ru,l=1,s=96::<table cellspacing="1">
<tr><td align="left" valign="top"><a href="%urlprofile%"><img src="%urlpicture%" width="40" height="40" alt="%tname%"/></a></td><td align="left" valign="bottom"><a href="%urlprofile%">%tname%</a><br/><a href="%urlfradd%">Add as Friend</a><br/><a href="%urlpm%">Message</a></td></tr>


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Wapka Latest Stylish Content Manager FileList Code Download Site Videos-Images-Softwares

Wapka Latest Stylish Content Manager FileList Code Download Site Videos-Images-Softwares

Hi Wapka Masters,Today We Will Give Code to Display Wapka New Content Manager Code for Displaying Videos List,Image List,Softwares n More.Content Manager is best than Old Wapka Filemanager Because In Wapka Content manager,there is No Limit On Total Data Uploaded.You Can Upload Unlimited Files and Crete a Huge Download Site in Wapka

:list-video:cid=xxxxx,l=6,s=:geti-page(1):,o=createtime::<div class="fold"><table width="100%"><tbody><tr><td width="65"><a href="%viewurl%"><img src="%thumburl%" width="60" height="80" alt="%title%"/></a></td><td valign="top"><a href="%viewurl%">%title%</a><br/><small>File Size: %filesize%<br/>Downloads: %downtotal%</small></td></tr></tbody></table></div>:: :/list-video: <center><br /><div class="png"><br />:paging:n=:geti-page(1):,u=site_:getid-site:.%ext%?get-cid=:get-cid:&get-page=%n%&get-cn=:get-cn::admin-hash-amp: ::<div class="paging"><span>%prev%</span><span>%n%</span> <span>%n%</span> <span>%n%</span> <span>%n%</span><span>%next%</span></div><br />(Page::get-page(1):/%nlast%)<br/><br/>:/paging:</div><br /></center>
Wapka Latest Stylish Content Manager FileList Code Download Site Videos-Images-Softwares
Change list-video to :
For Images : list-image
For Software : list-software  
For Game : list-game
For Music : list-music 
For Themes : list-theme

And Change xxxxx to Respective CID Number .

Go To Wapka Login >> Content Manager >> Then Click On Image >> Select  Category >> Copy Code and replace it...
>> Also Read : How Can I Delete My Wapka Site | How To Delete Wapka Mobi Site ?
Go to Wapka CM Deployment Tool >> 
Select The Category You Need to Deploy >>

Click On Create List item for Images >> Insert the Above Code In Layout format*: Click Preview And Confirm It !And Done... You Can Change the Code and make it Fit according to Your Site CSS Style

How to Create Wapka Stylish Forum 2015

You can Do the Same Process for Video,Imaes,Software,Themes,etc Still Any Doubts Or Problems ? Comment Here... Incoming Search Terms : * wapka filelist code with download page * wapka codes * wapka tools * wapka filelist code with preview * filelist download code for wapka site

How to Submit Your Wapka Site to Google Search Engine And Yahhoo,Bing Search

How to Submit Your Wapka Site to Google Search Engine And Yahhoo,Bing Search

After Creating your Wapka Site, first step is to Submit it to search engines so that your site is identified in the goole search and you et traffic from google and other search engines too.SEO is the most important to getting a huge visitor from search engine. Manually submit your wapka site to major search engine like google,yahoo,bing. Once you submit your site, it could take several days to index your full website page. So why late, follow my simply instruction to index your site.
How to Submit Your Wapka Site to Google Search Engine And Yahhoo,Bing Search

Submit Site to Google: 
1. Go to the following link
2. Type in your URL, example:
4. Click on Submit Request.

How to Submit Your Wapka Site to Google Search Engine And Yahhoo,Bing Search
Submit Site to Yahoo/Bing:
Remember yahoo,bing network is the combined search engine.
1. Go to the following link
2. Type in your URL, example:
3. Write the captcha text that's shown in the box.
4. Click on SUBMIT.

Once you complete the above steps, just wait for indexing your site.

Incoming Search terms :
* Submit Wapka site to google search
* Submit wapka sites to bing yahoo search
* Get visitors from google search for wapka sites
* Increase wapka site traffic search engine
* Free traffic to wapka sites

Monday, 25 November 2013

Wapka Meta Tags To Increase Google Search Crawling-Get More Visitors

Wapka is a great site for creating wapsites.But many of them have seo problems due to thier lack of awareness of wapka features.
  1. First Login to your wapka Account,
  2. Select your site >> Manage
  3. Then Click On E.s[Edit site] at the bottom of the page
Wapka Robots.txt Code To Increase Google Search Crawling-Get More Visitors
Now , In Settings >> Global Settings >>
Ater this Click On

Wapka Robots.txt Code To Increase Google Search Crawling-Get More Visitors
Now,Click On HEAD tags(meta,style,...)
Now Add this Code :

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles.css"/>

Replace this with your site or any site css url

<meta name="description" content="Site Description here" />
<meta name="keywords" content="Keywords Separated by Comma" />

<meta content='width=device-width,initial-scale=1' name='viewport'/>
<meta content='chrome=1' http-equiv='X-UA-Compatible'/>
<meta content='1 days' name='revisit'/>
<meta content='1 days' name='revisit-after'/>
<meta content='10' name='pagerank™'/>
<meta content='General' name='Rating'/>
<meta content='never' name='Expires'/>

Now Save Settings....

These are Called Meta tags,which are useful when google crawls your site.

You Can Also add the Google webmasters Site Verification code here, Which Will be Like this :

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" />

This Code will be available in your Google Webmasters Account

Hope, this tutorials Helped you, In Next Post We will Tell about Wapka Robots Tags......

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* Wapka code to get high visitors free for site
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* how to add desctiption to wapka sites
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* Add Stylesheet to Wapka Site