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Saturday, 18 April 2015

How To Use NMDVPN - OpenVPN 2.1.4 2015 | Download Latest NMDVPN 2015

How To Use NMDVPN - OpenVPN 2015 | Download Latest NMDVPN 2015

Windows XP Users : –  Can Directly Install .

Windows 7 & 8 Users : – Has to Install as Administrator. 
Windows 7 & 8 (64 Bit) : - C:\Program Files (x86)\NMDVPN\config
Windows XP, 7 & 8 (32 Bit) : - C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config

How to use NMD VPN Software for PC:

  • First of all you are required to connect your data card or modem or mobile with the repective settings i.e. APN of the specified network
  • Now run NMD VPN software (Remember: Always Run nmd vpn as an Administrator otherwise you will get an error in connecting)
  • Find NMD VPN icon on your taskbar right menu.
  • Right click on that NMD VPN Menu – select VPN server – connect it by left click
  • Before starting with this steps, you are required to put your config file to the NMD VPN config folder.
  • I have written the path of config folder above. Go there and put the config files in it.
  • Now if your config is working then in a few seconds you will be connected to it.
Notifications: NMD VPN Colors
  • RED: NMD VPN is disconnected
  • Yellow: In the process of connecting
  • Green: NMD VPN is connected
In this post I’ll let you guys know how to install and use the config files that I we uploads here in our Blog.

First of all Download NMD VPN.
Steps To Install NMD VPN : -
1)  Right Click on the downloaded NMD VPN software and  Run it as an Administrator.
2) NMD VPN Installation wizard will open like the below screenshot. Click on NEXT.

How To Use NMDVPN - OpenVPN 2014 | Download Latest NMDVPN 2014

3) Click on Agree.
How To Use NMDVPN - OpenVPN 2014 | Download Latest NMDVPN 2014

4) Click on Install.
How To Use NMDVPN - OpenVPN 2014 | Download Latest NMDVPN 2014

5) Click on Finish.
How To Use NMDVPN - OpenVPN 2014 | Download Latest NMDVPN 2014

5) Now go to the config folder of NMD VPN installed in your PC & paste there the config you downloads from our Blog.

Now you are done with it. No further configuration now.
How To Use NMDVPN - OpenVPN 2014 | Download Latest NMDVPN 2014


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How To Download Nmd Vpn Config Files For Free | Vpn Tricks 2015

After Our Post On How to Use NMDVPN On Windows 7/8, We Got many Mails from our Site Readers asking How to Download Configuration Files For NMDVPN.So, We Decided to make a complete post on sites providing Nmdvpn config files for free.

nmdvpn config files 2015 free download

Vpn Softwares like NmdVpn Allows users to Hide their Identity and protect them by Keeping their browsing secure and also browse blocked websites.NMDVPN is such an example of vpn software. NMDVPN Doesnt comes with any inbuit vpn config files, So its your task to download NMDVPN Config Files and Use them with NMDVPN.

How to Use Config Files With NMDVPN Sofware :

Once You Install NMDVPN Software, then you have to Download Config files from any of the sites which provide configuration files for NMDVPN, and Extraxt them and Move them to C:\Program Files (x86)\NMDVPN\config Folder.
Now You Can Run NMDVPN As Administartor and Connect With The Config Files You have uploaded in the config Folder.

Best Sites to Download NMDVPN Config Files For Free :

Using Vpnbook Configs,You Can Enjoy unrestricted speed and unlimited traffic, whether you want to watch a movie, download a torrent or run any traffic intensive apps, with no restriction of speed whether you use 1GB or 100GB of bandwidth in a day.

VpnBook Provides Europe,US,Canada and Germany Servers for Browsing and Downloading

You Can Visit this link to Download VPNBook Config Files , Click On Any Links ontheir site Like Euro1 OpenVPN Certificate Bundle Or Euro2 OpenVPN Certificate Bundle And Download them, Insert Username and Pass In NMDvpn When Prompted to enter.
vpnbook free config files nmdvpn helps you by creating a free vpn service utilizing the strongest encryption standards known in the industry creating a very secure tunnel between you and the internet, keeping your browsing activity completely safe & anonymous.No Restrictions On Speed Or Bandwidth.

You Can Click On this Link to Download Free Config Bundle For Openvpn/NmdVpn

Hide your identity! Change your IP-address and replace it with one of ours. No one, not even your own ISP, will know who you are and what websites are you surfing.Kebrum VPN offers application for Windows, Mac OS and Linux so you can secure your desktop and mobile devices in seconds.
You Need to register for a Kebrum Account before you can get config files for NmdVpn.

kebrum openvpn nmdvpn config files download

Once, you login Click On and Select  OpenVPN configuration tab, And Download Configs from Download Link.

You can get through your government's firewall to browse restricted websites. (e.g. YouTube.)
- You can disguise your IP address to hide your identity while surfing the Internet.
- You can protect yourself by utilizing the strong encryption while using public Wi-Fi.

You Can Visit Vpn Gate, And Select Country and Port(Tcp/Udp) Of Your Choice and Download Config Files. VpnGate Servers Keep Changing, So You need to Download Fresh Configs Everytime You Old Configs Stop Working.

vpngate openvpn nmdvpn config file download

Finchvpn also provides config files to use with nmdvpn, You need to Signup for Free FinchVpn Account.Once You Login , You can Download Config Files For NmdVpn as shown below :

You Need to Follow this Link to download Free config files for Nmdvpn .There is some limit for Free FinchVpn users, You can Buy Premium Plans for Unlimited Browsing/Downloading.

Still, There are also many other Vpn Configs Providers, We Will Update the Configs Provider Links Soon.If You Know Any Good Nmdvpn Config Provider Sites, Please Dont Hesitate to post In  Comments.