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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Get Accepted & Make Money With Amazon Associates Program - Mistakes to Avoid Disapproval !

Amazon has an affiliate program for internet marketers and blog owners to make money on every purchase of Amazon products using your unique affiliate link. Unlike other affiliates, getting approved or accepted into Amazon affiliates isn't easy. Don't worry, Its int too difficult to get your Amazon Associates account approved by following the best practices we would teach you.

Make Money With Amazon Associates Program

Steps to Create Your Amazon Associate Account:

1. Signup For Your Amazon Account Here: Amazon Associates 

2. You can log in with your existing Amazon account or create a new account to complete the signup process.

3. Enter you website details on which you want your Amazon affiliate to get approved.

4. Complete the Signup process and Grab your Affiliate Links Or Native Shopping Ad Code, Paste them into your blog ad Start getting users.

5. Amazon Will review your application Once your account has a sale through your affiliate link.

6. If after getting your first sale, Amazon Finds your site incompatible or violating their affiliate rules, then your affiliate account will be canceled and you will lose the commission made on your first affiliate

How to Make Sure Your Site Isn't Violating The Amazon Associates Rules:

Amazon Assosiates Disapproved 2016

So, Here are something you should take care of your site while applying for the Amazon Associates program.

  • Your website should not include the use of trademarked words, images, or reviews.
  • Also, Your Site Shouldn't use URLs, trademarks, logos, etc. that include words that are trademarked by LLC. This includes variations or misspellings of any trademarked words

Once, You are done with all the best practices, and your website is ready, you can apply for Amazon account using the same email Id. Remember, You won't get the commissions which you made with the previous account which got disabled.

Here is the Final Approval Email From Amazon After Completing Review:

Amazon Assosiates Account Approval

Once Your account gets approved, You can login to you associates account and Click On Product Linking > Native Shopping Ads and Get your Ad Code. Once you paste it on your site, ads will be displayed which will contain your affiliate link. Here is how Amazon native shopping ads look like:
Amazon Native Shopping Ads Code 2016

High converting, responsive and stylish Native Shopping Ads are delivered on your site based on your site users interest, So they have more chances to get clicked.

Once your account is up and running , you can check out reports and track your sales!
amazon assosiates account earning proof reports 2016

The best part of Amazon Associates Account is High referral rate, and the rate keeps on Increasing based on the number of sales you make!
Commission starts at 4%, so if you do get a sale, which you haven't yet, you will get 4% commission.

On your 7th sale your commissions will rise to 6%, for all 7 sales, and the tiers continue all the way up through 6.5%, 7%, 7.5%, 8% and 8.5%. 

 Follow the best practices and Keep earning through Amazon Associates .

Any Comments and Suggestions are Welcomed. Happy to Help you!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Top 5 Highest Paying URL Shorteners For Bloggers In 2016 - Make Money Online

We have compiled a list of the top ten URL shorteners. Url shorteners are the best and easiest possible ways to make money from your blog or website. There are over 50s of URL shorteners services available, some of them pay higher than others. I have been personally using these shorteners to make money from my blog. We have compiled a list of URL shorteners which pay the highest.


1. Safelinkconverter: All time favorite URL shortener.

This website has an Alexa rank of 436 in Indonesia.This URL shortener is our the best regarding payment and support. I have always been paid on time by them. They have two kinds of service; one is AdSense Revenue sharing in which website owners can use their own AdSense ads and earn from it. The other service is CPM service which works like any other URL shortener.
They have very high CPM rates as compared to the others on the list. They have been in the business from 2011 and are now an established URL shortener service. Safelinkconverter also offers a referral service. So, You get 25% of the earnings of the person you have referred to the website. 

    Click to register for a Safelinkconverter Account

    Payment Methods: Paypal or Bank Account Transfer.
    Minimum Payout: 5 Dollars
    Payment Type: Instant

2. LinkBucks: Another great URL shortening service.

LinkBucks is the oldest URL shortener that has a fixed time in which the user has to stop for a fixed amount of time on the ads page and then they are directed to the destination page. But like safe link converter you can't connect your AdSense account to this service. Their service is mainly based on CPM ads whose payment is very less as compared to safe link converter.

    Click to register for a LinkBucks Account
    Payment Methods: Paypal or Bank Account Transfer.
    Minimum Payout: 5 Dollars
    Payment Type: Instant

3. The oldest link shortening service. was the one which started this all. They are the first company to introduce URL shortening but with time they have been blocked in few countries, and their payout rate has also not been very good these days. But still if you want a reliable, and moderate paying URL shortener goes for

    Click to register for a Account

    Payment Methods: Paypal or Bank Account Transfer.
    Minimum Payout: 5 Dollars
    Payment Type: Weekly

4. LinkShrink.Net: Average URL Shortener

Link shrink is also a trusted URL shortener which has been in business for the last three years. They have decent payout ranging from $1 to $5 per 1000 views on the URL. The best part is you will also get a commission when you refer your friend to the website.

    Click to register for a LinkShrink Account

    Payment Methods: Paypal or Bank Account Transfer.
    Minimum Payout: 5 Dollars
    Payment Type: Weekly

5. BC.VC: The newbie in the town.

BC.VC is a recently launched URL shortener that has average payout rates and an Average pay. However they do not pay instantly, You will have to wait for a week to get your money transferred to your PayPal.

    Click to Register For A BC.VC Account

    Payment Methods: Paypal or Bank Account Transfer.
    Minimum Payout: 5 Dollars
    Payment Type: Weekly

These were the top URL shorteners listed according to the satisfaction of their customers. Overall I find Safelinkconverter the best as they pay instantly and also have the option to connect your AdSense account to their service, make money from your blog. 

Saturday, 6 February 2016

How To Make Money By Selling Domains/Sites Or Apps On Flippa In 2016

If your are finding ways to make money , then here is an article specially for you . Do you own a site or domain which you no longer require ? Are you struggling to find buyers for your apps or domains ? Then , You don't have to worry , Flippa will do the work for you and you can earn best value for your item .

Let me tell you about Flippa , if you haven't heard about it . Flippa is the first ever marketplace for selling websites , Domain and Apps . Flippa allows sellers to negotiate with all the interested buyers to close the sale even after the auction is over. If post auction negotiation does not give you the result you want, Flippa continues showing your listing until we get a buyer for your asset. A classified listing will similarly stay on site until you have interested buyers.

How To Make Money By Selling Domains/Sites Or Apps On Flippa

How to Make Money Using Flippa ?

Signup For Flippa account if you dont have it . Once you have your account , Just Login to Flippa . If you want to sell your site or domain for best price , then go here .

Basically , you can sell these On Flippa :

1. Established SitesWebsites that are older than 3 months
2. Starter Sites - Websites created less than 3 months ago, with no traffic or revenue
3. Domains - Domain names like .com .net .org and any others

4. Apps - iOS and Android for mobile and tablet devices

You have to select any one of the options provided there to proceed to the next step .

Now , You have two options , Either to sell your site in Auction Or Post a Classified Listing and wait for buyers to make a private offer for your product . Auction will cost you $19 for all the three options mentioned above except for Apps . Auction is free of cost for apps .

Now , Enter your Site URL and Click On Proceed/Next Button . Enter tagline and description of your domain or site .

What to include?
Successful domain auctions include the following:

  • The vision and potential uses of the domain
  • Keywords and search data
  • Domain age
  • Recent related sales
  • Revenue potential
Complete payment and Your Domain or Website Listing Will Go Live . Many Listings Just Start at $1 and they end up making $1000 or more in auctions .
Bidding Auctions In Flippa Make Money Tricks

So If you want to make good money , either create a site with 10-20 post and Sell It On Flippa Or You Can Purchase a good Valued Expired Domains and Sell On Flippa and Earn Big !

You Can See Our Post On How To Buy Expired Domains to find Expired Domains to Sell On Flippa !

Saturday, 5 September 2015

[Review] - Earn Money By Shortening Links [Payment Proof Added] - Best Link Shortner Service 2015

Do you run a blog or an mobile site , earning money is simple using link shortening. With a decent traffic you can earn good income additionally with link shortening services like  which provides quite best eCPM . Using link shortening services you can earn extra income without adding any extra banners or widgets to sidebar i.e, it doesnot need any space on your site. Just you need a decent traffic , no approval of your sites needed to show ads on your blog/site. You can also choose to use shortest mass shrinker , Social Share Widget On your blog or even shortest api , which will automatically turn your site links to shortened urls.

How Does Works :

1. You need to register on here

2. Once Registered , Just Click On Tools > Website Monetization

3. Click and Copy the javascript code generated from the site and add it before your site </body> tag .

4. Now every time any user visits your site , the user will be shown an popup automatically with skip ad link.

Earn Money By Shortening Links With

5. Even if your site haven’t got numerous external links , you can earn money whenever a new user visits your site.

We have reviewed this site and also got payment from shortest via paypal , its a legit site so you dont need to worry about scam or legit . Shortest is an premium link shortening service with good advertisers , so no spam ads will be shown to your site users.

Here is Payment Proof :

shortest payment proof 2015 2016 paypal

So , What Are You Waiting For ? Start Making Money Now ! Minimum Payout is $5 only .