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Friday, 15 April 2016

How to Add Push Notifications For Your Blogspot Blogs For Free In 2016

Push notifications are gathering good response, as it helps you connect with your site readers. If you are a WordPress blog owner, you can install it using WordPress plugins with just the click of a button. For Blogspot blogs, we don't have such service for sending our users notifications, whenever we want them to visit and check out the fresh content updated on our blog. You can Send notifications to your users, even when they're not on your website

Here is the solution to your need, if you are running a Blogspot blog, you can also easily install blog notification service for free, though there are some limitations for free users. Here is what you need to do to activate notifications for your site in blogger. There is no option in blogger to do that, We will be using a third party service called push crew to install push notifications service on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Check Out Our Tutorial For Adding Push Notifications In Blogger .

1. Register your free account here: PushCrew

2. Click on Signup for Free and Enter your registration details and the URL address of the blog you need to install push alerts.

3. Now Login to your dashboard. Click on Settings > Get Code 

4. Copy and Paste the Javascript code to your blogger blog before closing the </head> tag.

5. Click On Customise for Desktop. Now, You can customise the color of the alert window, upload your blog logo or even modify the push notification text message.

How to Add Push Notifications For Your Blogspot Blogs

6. Once completed, Click On Save! Done, Now your Site Users Will receive a notification on their browser for the first time they visit your blog. Once they click on allow, they will be subscribed to receive every alert which you create and send from your dashboard.

So, Every time you create a new post, you can send them notifications to bring them to your site, even if they are not browsing your site.

As, you are using the Free Version of PushCrew, You will not be able to activate the push notifications for Mobile Devices, and also subscriber limit is 500. Once you reach the limit, you need to upgrade for more subscribers.


Saturday, 25 April 2015

How To Activate MyBB GoMobile Plugin For MyBB 1.8.4 | Fix GoMobile Compatibility

MyBB is a free forum software with thousands of forums used by many people round the world.MyBB GoMobile Plugin is the most used plugin by MyBB Forums.MyBB GoMobile allows your site to display mobile version for all mobile browsers helping mobile users to access your site through their mobile or any other device easily.

upgrade to mybb v 1.8.4

MyBB has gone throught several upgrades due to security flaws like XSS Vunerabilities.It is recommended for all MyBB users to upgrade their forum to latest version available to stop hackers from hacking into their forum.Currently MyBB 1.8.4 is the latest version available, launched on Feb 16,2015 .

Most common problems faced by MyBB Forums is compatibility issues from plugins.As the MyBB upgrades thier forum version, the plugins no longer are built to support the new version. Neither the plugin developers take care to upgrade their plugins to match mybb version compatibility.

Fix Gomobile Incompatible with Mybb 1.8.4

Here is a small fix which will help you fix major Mybb Plugins Compatible For Old Version.We Will Show you how to alter small piece of code in Mybb Gomobile Plugin to make the plugin work with MyBB 1.8* i.e 1.8 Or higher Versions.

1. You Have to First Follow the Plugin Developer Instructions to Upload the Plugins In Your Server where Mybb is Installed.
2. Upload Plugins to public_html/Inc/plugins folder
3. Now, you have to open gomobile.php with any code editor and Make changes :
 Edit the Version Line to 1.8*

mybb gomobile plugin version for v 1.8.4
4. Now Save the gomobile.php, Now Your plugin is ready to use with MyBB V1.8* and all Latest Versions.

GoMobile Installed On Mybb 1.8.4

5. Click On Activate and Done.Your Plugin is Active Now !

Activate gomobile on Mybb v 1.8.4

Your Site will be now displayed in Mobile version for Mobile users and Normal Version in Pc users !

Update :

MYBB GOMOBILE For 1.8 Is Now Available Here :

- This version of GoMobile is a fork of the original version. This version should be compatible with MyBB 1.8.

You must follow these steps to avoid any annoying issues from occuring.
- 1. Uninstall your current version of GoMobile completely (delete the theme as well), BEFORE uploading the new files. Each beta has it's own set of install/uninstall instructions, thus trying to uninstall one beta using another set of instructions will lead to errors about missing tables and such.
- 2. Delete all old GoMobile files to reduce clutter (optional, mainly just the images/mobile folder)
- 3. Upload the new files, overwriting any old ones
- 4. Install & Activate the new version

- 1. Upload the contents of the "Upload" folder to the root of your forums, keeping the folder structure intact.

- 2. Visit your ACP > Configuration > Plugins sections and hit 'Install & Activate' for MyBB GoMobile

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How To Move From IntenseDebate to Discus Comments | Disqus Vs IntenseDebate

Are you using Intensedebate Comments for your Wordpress or blogger blogs ? Have you ever thought to move from IntenseDebate Comment system to Disqus Comments.Then this How to Guide is surely for you.

Disqus Vs Intensedebate : Which is Best Commenting Platform ?

Disqus and Intensedebate both have moderation options which helps to moderate the comments before they become visible on your blog posts.

Disqus has reactions feature which are shown on your blog once your blog post is shared on twitter, this feature is not available on intensedebate.

disqus vs intensedebate comments 2015

Disqus logins are compatible with Disqus accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Google, OpenID and Yahoo.

IntenseDebate logins are compatible with IntenseDebate accounts, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and OpenID, as well as featuring full support for Gravatar (which is pretty cool). 

Both Disqus and Intensedebate are good platforms, its your choice to choose the best commenting system for your blog.In Our choice , Disqus is a bit ahead than intensedebate in terms of its sleek design and customisation,integration Options.

disqus vs intensedebate which is best
Disqus And IntenseDebate Comments

How To Export IntenseDebate Comments to XML File :

1. Login to your IntenseDebate and Select Your Site from the Sites Dropdown menu

intensedebate comments sites
2. Now Click On XML Export option listed under Tools

intensedebate comments import xml
3. Click On Generate New Export File to export comments to XML as shown below.

export intensedebate comments xml disqus

4. Download the file xml export file generated , Now its time to import comments to disqus

5. Login to Your Disqus Moderation Panel :

Once you register your site in disqus, your moderation url will be :

Replace Yoursite with sitename you registered on disqus.

6. Now Click On Discussion Option from left menu.

import intensedebate blogger comments into disqus xml

7. Further Click on IntenseDebate And Upload the archive file you have downloaded from IntenseDebate.

8. Wait for 24 Hours, Your comments will be moved from Intensedebate to Disqus.

disqus import xml upload file error

9. Finally, You can remove the integration code for Intensedebate you added earlier and add Disqus integration code to your blog.

If you get any errors while importing comments in disqus, contact Disqus support for more help.


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How To Create Twitter Widget And Add To Your Website Or Blog

Twitter is an awesome social networking site to update your status and also follow people of your interests and catch their status updates so called tweets.Besides this you can do more with twitter.If you are a webmaster,you can create and add twitter widgets to your blog sidebar which will be updated automatically.

Twitter allows users to create widget and further embed them in their site or blog by providing a piece of code.You can create twitter widgets for :

  • User Timeline
  • Favorites
  • List
  • Search
  • Collection

How to Create Twitter Widgets :

1. Login to Twitter, if you dont have , create a New Account and follow people of your interests.

2. Now Click Profile & Setings On Top Right Site Of twitter , Or Access it through this link :

3. Now You Will See different settings related to your account, Click On Widgets located in the bottom as shown from the image below.

twitter add widget to blog website

4. Now, Click On Create New , See Image below:

twitter widget for blogs embed code

5. Now you can select widget type of your choice and add height and settings and click on create widget.

twitter hashtag widget for your blog

Here we created an widget for #hashtag #WC2015 ,Once You click on create widget , you will see html code will be provided in bottom of the widget.

Once you paste the code in your site or blog, it will look like this [#WC2015]

You can create widgets in the same way for other Hashtags,any user accounts of celebrities and try out more from options provided there.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Wapka.Mobi Stylish Online User Count Code With List Details

Today We will show you how you can add Wapka stylish code to display site online users details code and also show the visitors ip adress, the page they are browsing right now, and country and their browser info with paging.

Here is the screenshot of Wapka Online Users Counter and their Online List:

wapka stylish online users details list code xhtml
wapka online users code details

How to Add Wapka Online Users Details Code :

1. Login to your Wapka Admin Panel .

2. Select your sites from sites list.

3. Select Admin Mode in your site admin panel.

4. Now Click On ::EDIT SITE:: >> Jump to Site  from the bottom right of the page .

5. Now Jump to Page -2 , Which is default bottom autocontent for all wapka sites.

6. Again Click On ::EDIT SITE:: and Add WML/XHTML Code .

7. Now Paste this code :

<a href="">[:stats-online: Users Online] </a>
and Save it.

Replace site_A.xhtml with your new wapka page you will create to display online users list.

Copy Code Form Here :

8. Create a New Site A, and Add the below code 

<h2 class="title">Online Users Browsing Now</h2>
<ul>:userstats:d=oa, o=t, a=non-logged user, l=10, s=:geti-site(1): ::
<li><div class="lname">%lname% </div>
<div><font color="green"><b>From:</b> %country1%<br />
<b>IP:</b> %ipx%<br />
<b>Using:</b> %browser%<br />
<b>Location:</b> %location%</font></div></li>
:: :/userstats: </ul>:paging: n=:geti-site(1):, u=site_0.%ext%?get-site=%n% ::<div class="nav"><b>Pages:</b> <span>%n%</span> <span>%n%</span> <span>%n%</span> <span>%n%</span> ... <span>%nlast%</span></div>:/paging:<br />

li{border:1px solid #eee;margin-bottom:7px;list-style:none;padding:4px}

Copy Code From Below :

Incoming Search Terms :


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

How To Use Finch Vpn UDP/TCP Configs With NMDVPN/Openvpn Software In Windows 7/8

What is VPN ?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides a secure way of connecting through a public network (such as the Internet) to a remote network/location.

This remote network is typically a private network, such as a workplace or home network, or one provided by a commercial VPN service.

A VPN can be thought to create a "tunnel" through the public network to your private network at the other end. All network traffic through this tunnel is encrypted to ensure it is kept secure and private.

Features Of Finch Vpn :

  • No expiry date
  • No credit card required
  • $0/mo to use FinchVPN
  • Unblock region restrictions.
  • Stop data sniffers
  • Speed Improvement
  • Secure Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Defeat ISP
  • Bypass censorship
  • Hide online identity
  • Safe and encrypted connection
Available Plans Finch Vpn :

Free      - $0.00  USD With 3GB/Month
Pro        - $1.61  USD With 25GB /month
Premier - $3.21  USD With ∞MB /month

How to Use Finch Vpn With OpenVpn/NMDVpn :

1. Register For a Free/Premium Account With Finchvpn from here.

2. Now Login to your account and Click on this link to Download Finch vpn open vpn config files.

3. S
elect your port and protocol (eg. 9201 etc From the Dropdown list ) and download them in zip file.

Finch Vpn 9200 UDP/TCP Configs With NMDVPN


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

How To Track/Enable Feedburner Email Reach,Clicks and Statistics

Feedburner is one of the most popular and also best feed management tool to reach out to our website users through daily newsletter subscriptions.Feedburner gives these all features free of cost .
These are not enabled by default in your feedburner control panel.You should enable these features to track email clicks and post reach via email newsletters.We will show how to enable this feature with the help of screenshots below.

How to configure Feedburner email Stats :

1. You need to first login to your gmail account and login to Feedburner

2. Click On Services > Configure Stats

3. Now Check the Item Views and Item Click Links and Save it.

feedburner  Services > Configure Stats

4. Now Feedburner will display you the click stats and views of the post after the newsletter is sent daily.

Configure Stats feedburner reach stats

Now, you can check which posts are most liked by your site users and keep posting more of thier choice to gain user interaction.
Enabling feedburner Click Tracking System will Not only show the Subscribers reach but also the  individual posts with clicks and visits.


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

How to use Droidvpn Without Root | Download DroidVpn for Non-Rooted Android Phone

Droidvpn can be used to bypass the restrictions of your ISP, and protect your Privacy against anyone that may be lurking around, searching for ways to steal your information.
More so you can use this Android VPN App to:
How To Use Your Droidvpn Unlimitedly(rooted/non-rooted)

  • Encrypt your Data,
  • Go Anonymous 
  • Protect your info, especially when Connected to WiFi
  • Gives you Security 
  • Unblock websites
  • and it's Very Easy to use, with just few clicks, the engine starts.

As we may know, both PD Proxy and DroidVPN perform same functions, only difference is while PD proxy was meant for PC users, DroidVPN is built for most Android mobile or android tablets. 

How To Use DroidVPN For Unrooted Android Device :

We believe you now have the above requirements ready, now switch on your Data Connection

> Open your DroidVPN

> Go to the DroidVPN Menu >> Settings >> You'll Find "No Root Mode - Use DroidVPN without root access" - Tick it

> Go back to your Settings >> Connection Protocol >> Connect using ICMP

Now go to the main menu, make sure your Data Connection is Active, Tap Connect, wait a few seconds,  once you're Connected, you'll see something like the screenshot below.
If you're still on Trial account, Be sure you choose one of their FREE SERVERS
N.B: Confirmed working mostly on Android OS versions 3.2 and below

How To Use DroidVPN - For Rooted Android Device

>Open the DroidVPN

> Go to the DriodVPN app Menu >> Settings >> You'll Find "No Root Mode - Use DroidVPN without root access" - Leave it unticked

> Go back to your Settings >> Connection Protocol >> Connect using ICMP

> Again go to the DroidVPN and click Connect, wait for few seconds,and you'll be connected.

Android OS 4.x and newer versions don't need to be rooted for DroidVPN to work on them - meaning DroidVPN works on all Unrooted and Rooted Android OS 4.x and up.

All DroidVPN Trial accounts are  restricted to DEMO Servers and given only 100MB daily, once you use up this 100MB Limit, you'll be disconnected.

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Custom Form Elements CSS Form For Styling Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Drop Down Menu Select Lists,

Have you ever wanted to use your own images for checkboxes, radio buttons or select lists? This script will let you do that. Easily. The unobtrusive script gracefully degrades, so if JavaScript is disabled, normal form input objects appear instead of your customized elements.

This works flawlessly in Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7, Opera and others. In Internet Explorer, the select lists are unstyled, but the checkboxes and radio buttons still look and function beautifully. So go ahead, CSS form styling is this easy:
  1. <input type="checkbox" class="styled" />

The example

This script is stand-alone and does not require jQuery or other library to work. If you are using jQuery in your project, fear not! This will still work perfectly, but you don't need that extra bloat to have beautiful checkboxes and radio buttons.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, the JavaScript looks for every form element with class="styled" on it; hides the real form element; sticks a span tag with a CSS class on it next to the element; and, finally, mouse events are added to the span that handles the visual stages form inputs go through when they are clicked.
Custom Checkboxes Custom Radio Buttons
To get the checkboxes, radio buttons and select boxes to work properly, you'll need to change three variables in the script: checkboxHeight, radioHeight and selectWidth on lines 21-23. If you use the images I created, you won't have to change the variables, but if you make your own, chances are you'll have to. The checkboxes and radio buttons to the right are linked to transparent PNG images for you to use freely if you'd like. The first two variables are the height of a single stage of the checkbox and radio button, and the third is the width of the select box. You may need to spend a little time tinkering with the checkbox and radio button images so they don't twitch during different stages.
  1. var checkboxHeight = "25";
  2. var radioHeight = "25";
  3. var selectWidth = "190";


If you make your own images, you may need to change a few things in the cascading style sheet. In.checkbox and .radio, the height property should be one fourth of the height of the full size images. You also might have to change the width property in .select selector. You probably won't have to edit any other portions of the CSS, but regardless, this part is still straight forward.
  1. .checkbox, .radio {
  2.   width: 19px;
  3.   height: 25px;
  4.   padding: 0 5px 0 0;
  5.   background: url(checkbox.png) no-repeat;
  6.   display: block;
  7.   clear: left;
  8.   float: left;
  9. }
  10. .radio {
  11.   background: url(radio.png) no-repeat;
  12. }
  13. .select {
  14.   position: absolute;
  15.   width: 158px;
  16.   height: 21px;
  17.   padding: 0 24px 0 8px;
  18.   color: #fff;
  19.   font: 12px/21px arial,sans-serif;
  20.   background: url(select.png) no-repeat;
  21.   overflow: hidden;
  22. }


The script won't customize checkboxes, radio buttons or select lists unless you declare the styled class. Simply add class="styled" to any checkbox, radio button or option list and the JavaScript and CSS will take over from there.


  1. <input type="checkbox" name="a" class="styled" />

Radio button

  1. <input type="radio" name="radio" class="styled" /> Yes
  2. <input type="radio" name="radio" class="styled" /> No

Select list

  1. <select name="d" class="styled">
  2.   <option value="1">Option 1</option>
  3.   <option value="2">Option 2</option>
  4.   <option value="3">Option 3</option>
  5. </select>

onChange and other JavaScript events

This script utilizes JavaScript's onChange and other events. Because these events can only be used once, if you want to add more functions to an event, you will need to call them from inside my script.


You are free to share, alter and use this script commercially. Just leave the title, my name and website intact in the JavaScript script. This script is licensed under a Creative Commons license.