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Monday, 30 May 2016

How to Change FeedBurner Email Subject Title For High Email Open Rate In 2016

Feedburner is a feed delivery service which delivers our site's RSS feed to subscribed users via email. Feedburner is still the most used feed service as its a google product, and also it offers it for free of cost.
Though Feedburner doesn't provide great email customization like MailChimp or Aweber but still it has some options which would make your feed email subject look better.

How to Change FeedBurner Email Subject Title

If you are using Feedburner and haven't tweaked any settings which come by default, your feed title will be sent as Feed subject for every email. So probably every email that reaches your email subscribers has a regular title, and the user might not be interested to open your email just by seeing your site name. If your email has some good title, it has 80% more chances to get clicked by your subscribers and resulting more traffic from email subscriptions.

So, Here is the process of Changing FeedBurner Email Newsletter Title:

1. Login to your Feedburner.

2. Select the particular feed you want to edit email subject.

3. Now, Click On Publicize tab as shown below.

How to Change FeedBurner Email Subject Title

4. As We need to change Email Settings, Click On Email Subscriptions.
How to Change FeedBurner Email Subject Title

5. Further, Select Email Branding Option, provided below Email Subscriptions.

6. Now, In Email Subject/Title Textbox, Change it to:

${latestItemTitle} - Your Site Name Here Or Your Site Name Here - ${latestItemTitle}

Note : ${latestItemTitle} Will Show Up Latest Post Tile In Email Subject .

Also, Check On "Change Subject when an email has 2 or more items."

and add this :
Your Site Name Email Updates: “${latestItemTitle}” plus ${m} more 
Your Site Name Email Updates (in this message: ${n} new items)

On making these settings, Your email subject will be changed to your Post Title [First Post Of that particular day] 

If You email contains only one Post, Then It will Show:

" Top 6 Blogging Tools - WapmastersZone "

If You made 5 or 6 Posts on any particular day , It will be shown as :

" WapmastersZone : Top 6 Blogging Tools plus 6 More Updates "

Also , You can Add your Site Logo Url as shown in the image above , which will be shown in the email sent to all your subscribers .

This Tips helps to create branding among your site readers and thus increases traffic to your site !

Friday, 15 April 2016

How to Add Push Notifications For Your Blogspot Blogs For Free In 2016

Push notifications are gathering good response, as it helps you connect with your site readers. If you are a WordPress blog owner, you can install it using WordPress plugins with just the click of a button. For Blogspot blogs, we don't have such service for sending our users notifications, whenever we want them to visit and check out the fresh content updated on our blog. You can Send notifications to your users, even when they're not on your website

Here is the solution to your need, if you are running a Blogspot blog, you can also easily install blog notification service for free, though there are some limitations for free users. Here is what you need to do to activate notifications for your site in blogger. There is no option in blogger to do that, We will be using a third party service called push crew to install push notifications service on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Check Out Our Tutorial For Adding Push Notifications In Blogger .

1. Register your free account here: PushCrew

2. Click on Signup for Free and Enter your registration details and the URL address of the blog you need to install push alerts.

3. Now Login to your dashboard. Click on Settings > Get Code 

4. Copy and Paste the Javascript code to your blogger blog before closing the </head> tag.

5. Click On Customise for Desktop. Now, You can customise the color of the alert window, upload your blog logo or even modify the push notification text message.

How to Add Push Notifications For Your Blogspot Blogs

6. Once completed, Click On Save! Done, Now your Site Users Will receive a notification on their browser for the first time they visit your blog. Once they click on allow, they will be subscribed to receive every alert which you create and send from your dashboard.

So, Every time you create a new post, you can send them notifications to bring them to your site, even if they are not browsing your site.

As, you are using the Free Version of PushCrew, You will not be able to activate the push notifications for Mobile Devices, and also subscriber limit is 500. Once you reach the limit, you need to upgrade for more subscribers.


Monday, 28 March 2016

Top 5 Most Powerful Must Use Blogging Tools In 2016 For Your Site

When you are coming to the war field, it’s crucial for you to come with your guns and army. Ahhh....No No, we are not going to any war field FOLKS! I am talking about the tools that are a must in blogging. 
Blogging is a medium through which you can set up the business online. You can showcase your content on your blogs, attract readers to your blog and further, you can use your blog for branding. If you are the one who is looking up to set up your own blog then go for a good strategy and get some crucial blogging tools which can support your purpose.  

I have made a list of some important must have blogging tools that you can't think of dropping, Let's have a look at the list:-

1. Canva

How to Use Canva For Blogging In 2016

Canva is very crucial, and one of the must have tool in blogging. It helps in creating visual content. If it is used carefully than it can add up in strengthening the online branding. Canva helps in creating colourful textual images which can go along with your social media posts.  

2. Optinmonster

How to Use Optinmonster For Blogging In 2016

Optinmonster helps in building the email list and helps in turning visitors into subscribers. It has smart user targeting which in tracking the user behaviour on a blog post and shows the targeted campaign to the user at the time of his leave. In addition to this, Optinmonster has some awesome optin forms, animated forms, black canvas forms, welcome gate etc. This is one of the must-have tools in blogging to reach your user later. 

(*If you want to know about Optinmonster in detail than READ HERE: Why Optinmonster Is Must Have Tool For Your Blog )

3. Yoast SEO Plug-in

Wordpress Seo by yoast plugin For Blogging In 2016

Yoast SEO Plugin is needed to get the audience to your blog posts.It is an important tool especially when you don’t have a regular audience through search engine optimization (SEO).  This plugin is helpful in getting an idea about keyword density, and also gives proper analytics. It further gives you idea if you are doing wrong on-page SEO and you can correct it. 
If you don't know much about On-page and off-page SEO than let me tell you the same, 

On-page: On page Seo covers many factors like, titles,URL, meta description, internal linking, keyword density, meta tags, Web design, and definitely content. 

Off-page factors: Off-page Seo includes, backlinks, and social media factors. 

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Tools For Blogging In 2016

Once your content is created, and its promotion is done in social media than What you need to know is the performance of your hard work. Google Analytics is one of the most popular and crucial tool in blogging which helps in tracking the performance of your content. Let me guide the beginners and tell you what you have to see exactly, 

1. Audience: Look up to those who’s are coming to your website?
2. Acquisition: See the graphs check out how people are finding your site on the blogosphere?
3. Behaviour: What are the searching/reading on your blog? 
For those who haven't installed Google Analytics on their blog, make it a priority.

5. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools For Blogging In 2016

Google webmaster tools is one of the most important and extremely powerful tools for a website. This tool helps website owners to optimize his blog for search engine rankings. It also helps in detecting issues and errors occurred on the site. You can get information such as keyword ranking data, keyword insights, traffic trends on a content basis, keyword insights, and Google Authorship statistics.

If you have not installed these plugins than make sure you have these tools in your tool box. After all, you have to accept the challenges coming your way from taking your content to your audience. These tools can serve your purpose. If you have any doubt or you want to ask me something than just comment on the box below. I will try to solve your doubts. :) 

Have a nice day ahead. :-D

Author Bio:
This article 'Top 5 Most Powerful Must Use Blogging Tools In 2016 For Your Site' has been contributed by Preet Sandhu , Commerce post graduate by Education and Blogger by passion - Founder Of . Also She is among few Female bloggers From Asia .

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Top 5 Free Online Counter Widgets For Your Blog - Track Your Blog Stats - Online Users

For any blog , analytics play an major role to take it forward to the next level . Measuring your blog traffic will help you understand your traffic . Once you know who your traffic is , you can create content for your users , the content your users will love to share . You can also find out the period of time when your site has the most online users . Though Google analytics does the task for you , there are also some other site which help you track specially your online users for free .
who amung us stats Online users widget blogs

Here , We bring some online counter widgets mostly used by many sites to show their online users :

1. : No Doubt is the most popular site for tracking your online users . No registration needed . Just select the widget of your choice , Copy and paste the javascript code on to the body section and done .

Who amung Us Online Counter Widgets For Your Blog

Who amung Us Online Counter Widgets For Your Blog

2. Histats :  Histats is also one of the most popular online counter widget used by popular sites . You can get Geo location, Browser, Toolbars , Languages , Hardware info. Also Visited URLs , Visited page titles/tags , customised events/variables , downloads/clicks - stats & trends 

Histats Online Counter Widgets For Your Blog
You need to enter your site url on the site to get counter widget for your website . You can choose a counter or a hidden tracker code for your blog .

3. : Add free counter to any web page and collect flags from all over the world. Every time someone from a new country visits your website, a flag will be added to your counter. Not only will this make your site far more interesting, but clicking on your Flag Counter will reveal amazing information and charts! Though it doesn't provide online users counter , you can track your site visitors .

flagcounter Online Counter Widgets For Your Blog

4. RadarURL :
Do you run a website or a blog?
You do?, Great - Now you can get advanced real-time statistics for your website in just a few steps.
radarurl Online Counter Widgets For Your Blog

Sounds good? If so, Embedding your own Radar widget will only take 2 minutes and the service is completely free of charge. 

radarurl Online Counter Widgets For Your Blog

5. ExtremeTracking :  Adding the tracker to your site is not complicated. If you are familiar with HTML-editing just copy and paste the tracker code into the source of your pages and you are ready.

The tracker code can also be handled fine with WYSIWYG editors and content management systems, scripts and blogs. 

There are also many other online counters available for blogs ,We cant include all the services here .

Which Online Counter Are You Using For Your Site ? Post In Comments Below !

Sunday, 15 November 2015

How To Move/Migrate From Blogger To Wordpress Without Losing SEO Traffic & Rank?

Blogger has been the best blogging platform , especially for the newbies . But blogger has a lot of limitations regarding to seo and customisations. For complete control of our blog , Wordpress is an awesome cms , you have full complete on everything from permalinks i.e  post urls , permalinks , seo features , and loads of optimisation in just a single click . Almost we can find every plugin for our need . With thousands of developers in the community , wordpress is best platform if you are looking to take off your blog to long way .

move-from-blogger-wordpress blog without seo issues

How to Migrate Your Blogger Blog To Wordpress ?

1. You need to export your blogger blogs : 
Login to your blogger dashboard , and move to the settings page of your blog . Click on Settings > Other .

Now , Click On Export Blog and Save the xml file of the blog which contains all your blog data including posts and comments.

export blogger to wordpress settings

2. Importing Blogger Posts Data to Wordpress 

Once you have the xml data file , your task is to import them to wordpress admin panel . Login to wordpress dashboard . Click on Tools from sidebar and select Import .

Now , you have to install blogger import plugin to continue the process of importing.Once you see the Import blogger screen , Browse and select the xml file you downloaded from blogger using import tool .

blogger wordpress import save file

3. Managing Wordpress Permalinks Structures

Once , all the posts are imported , now you have to set up the posts permalinks exactly to the blogger style permalinks to keep away from 404 error pages , else we will loose all seo traffic from google and other search engines .

wordpress custom permalinks fro blogger

Copy and enter this url permalink structure - /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html

Now , Save your settings .

Even though We have changed wordpress permalinks to blogger style , still we are not done up completely with it .

Here is a sample Wordpress Url after import :

and here is our original link  :

Though both are same posts , blogger has trimmed the url length , which needs to be fixed to match the original blogger url of our site .

Here is a fix for this :

Create a new php file on your server as fix.php or any name of your choice .


$res = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT post_id, meta_value FROM $wpdb->postmeta WHERE meta_key = 'blogger_permalink'");
foreach ($res as $row){
$slug = explode("/",$row->meta_value);
$slug = explode(".",$slug[3]);
$wpdb->query("UPDATE $wpdb->posts SET post_name ='" . $slug[0] . "' WHERE ID = $row->post_id");
echo "DONE";

Once , you save it , Open the file in your browser . For eg .

This will fix all the url and make it exactly same as the blogger url structure . Now you can search your site in google and click on any links to check if its working or giving any 404 error pages .

Now , you have successfully migrated your blogger blog to wordpress cms without losing any seo traffic , Keeping all the content the same . You now have access to thousands of seo plugins and faetures for every need .

Happy Blogging , Have any Queries on this post ? Do let us know in comments below !

Friday, 30 October 2015

How To Index Your Blog Backlinks For Free In Google Quickly For Higher Rankings ?

To rank your blog in search engines and receive targeted traffic for free , you need to look upon Onpage and Offpage Seo . For offpage seo , you need to build a clean and good backlinks profile .you should do blog commenting , forum postings , directory listings , guest posting and some more .

Index Your Blog Backlinks For Free In Google Quickly

Your work doesnt stop here , you have some more task to do . Your blog will not perform well in search engines , unless and until they dont find out or crawl the links you built. If search engines havent crawled your links , then all your efforts will fail .
Here are some services which will help your blog rank faster and also find quickly index new blog posts in search results. Although these services are paid , But still you can use these free trials with some restritions . If you love them , you can subscribe for a premium plan later .

1. Linklicious : If you are doing heavy link building (profiles, comments, and other weak links) Linklicious is a perfect tool because it guarantees crawling at 100%. If you get 1000 forum profiles or blog comments, getting them indexed is silly.Linlicious Makes It Simple to Index Your Links. 

Create your Free Account at Linklicious and Upload your Links 

2. Linkcentaur :  Linkcentaur free plan with allows you to index up to 50 urls per day.FYou can get Unlimited Reports , Unrestricted API Access You need to create a campaign and Link Centaur will then begin to work on getting the search engines to notice and crawl your links. 

Index Your Blog Backlinks Faster 2015 Free

Apart from these services , you can try pinging your blogs . Wordpress blogs have these pinging features by default . You can check Our post on How to Top 5 Blog Ping Sites To Get Your Site/Blog Indexed for a list of Top Pinging Sites . 
So , You need to build backlinks first and then collect all the backlinks you hav created and then upload the text document or you can paste all links into Linklicious or Add to campaigns in Link Centaur to make them indexed faster .
Dont make too much backlinks in a single day , Do backlinks daily or Follow a routine to make backlinks , else it will sound odd to google and might penalise your site for unnatural backlinks .

Have any suggestion or query on this post , Do let us know in comments !

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Top 5 Blog Ping Sites To Get Your Site/Blog Indexed Faster In Google Search Engine !

All of us love to get our site indexed in google and other search engines intantly once we publish any  new post on blog or site . Only a few sites get indexed in seconds after posting their content online . Do you want to index your blog posts every time you update your blog post , then you need to ping your site to notify the search engines that your blog has been updated with some fresh content . Every time your ping is pinged , the search engines are notified about updated content on your blog . Though one cannot guarantee indexing of your content , it might get index in five minute , or even 1 hour . It depends on the amount of blogs in the queue to get indexed .

Top 5 Blog Ping Site To Get Your Site/Blox Indexed Faster In Google
Ping Your Blogs To Get Indexed Faster

What Is A Ping ?

In blogging, a ping is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server that its content has been updated. An XML-RPC signal is sent from the weblog to one or more "Ping Server(s)" (controlled by the weblog) to notify a list of their "Services" of new content on the weblog.
Below are the most used blog ping submission sites which will hep your blog in organic traffic .
[Source : Wikipedia]

List Of Top Online Blog Pinging Services Sites :

1. Pingomatic : Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated.Make sure to only ping specialized services if they're relevant to your blog, otherwise you'll cause an undue burden on them.

2. Pingler : Blog and Ping Tool - Use to Drive Traffic your Blogs and Website . Pingler Provide Browser Extensions for chrome and firefox , Using these extensions you can index your blog links in just one click . Also , upgrading for premium account , will give your blogs automatic pings every days automatically.

3. GooglePing : Dont get confued with the site name , this site isnt any partner site of google . You can ping your site using google ping for free . This site has drawn more attention of bloggers in recent days .

4. BulkPing :  Bulk Ping is Unique Auto Mass Ping Service that will ReBoost and ReEnergize your Websites and Blogs. With Bulk Ping you invite the Search Engines to visit your site & crawl fresh Content & Index new Links that will ultimately results in more Targetted Traffic and Search Engine Rankings. You can Free Mass Ping UNLIMITED Urls or RSS Submit at once to 25+ Main Engines  all for FREE

5. Twingly : Twingly is also an blog pinging tool , its very simple site to use . Just you need to enter your blog url and get it pinged for the search engines.

Note : Pinging your blogs to get indexed in search engines is good , but excess pinging of your blig links will leave your site in trouble . So , don't ping the same url excessively to get them indexed . Pinging your blog only one time a day is recommended .

Monday, 21 September 2015

How to Detect Invalid Clicks Activity in Google Adsense | Adsense Tips 2015

Invalid Activity or Invalid click Activities is a major problem for Adsense publishers as publishers are getting banned day by day to participate in Adsense program with a message 'You account has been disabled because we found some invalid click activities in your account'. Just because of these type of typical problems people start ignoring adsense and start giving major priority to alternatives of google adsense like Chitika, Bidvertiser, Infolink etc.
Because these sites have no strict rules and regulations for their publishers like adsense. There is very less chance to be suspended from these ad networks, but also these are less CPC paying network as compared to google adsense.

That's why I have decided to write here for those adsense publishers who are still active and working but have fear of to be suspended in future by adsense team. After reading this post, readers will be able to know about following points:

  • Definition of CPC, Clicks, CTR, Pageviews, CTR, Estimated Earnings!
  • About Invalid Activities in Adsense!
  • Ways to Detect Invalid Activities in Google Adsense!

CPC: CPC in adsense refers to cost per click. It means a amount which adsense publisher can earn when visitors make clicks on Adsense ads.

Clicks: Number of times a visitor has clicked on ads.

CTR: CTR means Clicks through Ratio. It is calculated as (Clicks / Pageviews) x 100.

Pageviews/Impressions: Pageviews are the Action a user takes of viewing a page with an ad displayed.

Estimated earnings: It is calculated by multiplying CPC with number of clicks. It is the estimate of earnings.

Invalid Activities in Adsense:

Invalid activities in Google adsense consists of fake impressions or clicks which artificially inflate an publisher's earnings.

Ways to Detect Invalid Click Activity in Google Adsense :

Following are the ways which help you to monitor your adsense account and warn you that something is going wrong with your account and now the time to do something to stop these type of invalid activities which may become the reason of suspension of your adsense publisher account in future:

#1. If your CTR is over 20%. Normal range of CTR is 1% to 10% approx. But if your CTR is too high then it makes google to think that there is something fake.

#2. CPC with '0' value. Suppose in any case you are getting too much clicks but CPC is very low or zero, then there is also a chance of Invalid activities happening with your account.

#3. High rise and fall in estimated earnings. Suppose you get $5 as estimated earnings in past hour but it drops to zero in next hour.

#4. Lot of Clicks in less pageviews. If you get 20 clicks in just 100 pageviews.

#5. Wrong placement of Ads on Blog.

#6. Encouraging people to click ads by offering them incentives or making requests.

#7. Fake traffic.

#8. More than 3 ad units on a newly approved site or blog for Adsense.

#9. Traffic from PTC (Paid to Click sites).

#10. Asking others to Click on ads.

Make sure you are not doing any of the mistakes given above, because repetition of these mistakes will block or disable your adsense account permanently.

Author Bio:
This article 'How to Detect Invalid Activity in Google Adsense' has been written by Suresh Kumar, Founder and CEO of Tips2secure blog based on latest technology updates, Blogging and Free SEO tips, Adsense, Security, Ethical hacking and many more!


Friday, 18 September 2015

Facebook Ads : Types Of Facebook Ads - Best Placements - Which Is The Best For Your Business ?

Hi , Today we will learn about Type of facebook ads which will cover details about the facebook ads, different types of facebook ads, How to select best facebook ads for your business needs, Best placements for various types of facebook ads. Also We will know How facebook ads work to show rights ads to the right person. Choosing the right ads for your business will bring more customers to your online business , drive out sales and leads. You should try experimenting with the availabe ad units and targetting options until your ad gains maximum exposure and ROI(Returns On Investment) .

Facebook Ads  Types Of Facebook Ads - Best Placements

Facebook Ads :

With Facebook Ads, you can create targeted adverts to reach different audiences and meet your business goals.You can get fan page likes,create a brand awareness,sell your ecommerce products , get leads from clients and even get your apps installed in users smartphones ! When people like your Page, their friends are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.Facebook adverts can send people directly to your website or app to drive sales and more

How facebook Advertising Works ?

Facebook ads are simillar to other ad networks , but here you can target the specific audience based on their location, interest , behaviour and demographics like age, gender and languages . People use Facebook to discover what's new with their friends, family and the things they care about. And your adverts are shown alongside these stories – seamlessly – on both desktop and mobile.Facebook ads are displayed to all the right people based on age, gender, location, interests and so much more.

Different Types Of Facebook Ads Available & Best Placement Of Facebook Ads:

1. Domain Ads :
    Best Placements - Right Column
facebook-domain-ads-example-ad-types-2015Facebook domains ads are most commonly used ad types . You can choose Site name , a short description of your site or product with a url link to your site . Facebook domain ads are not supported on mobile devices , so you can target desktop users with this ad units . These ads have less Click through Rate

2. Page Post Ads :
    Best Placements - Right Column , News Feed , Mobile News Feed
Facebook Page Post Ads are more popular as more people are opting for this ads . These ads are mixed up with our news feed , which dont appear to seem like an ad . You can choose a large image for your post , Title and Description of your post with Url to the facebook page . These ads really convert well to generate page likes for your facebook pages.

3. Multi Product Ads
    Best Placements - NewsFeed , Mobile NewsFeed
facebook Multi Product Ads imagesMultiproduct ads by facebook were released a year ago . These ads are mostly used by e-commerce sites to showcase their products to the customers.
Multiproduct ads comes with a slider which can display upto 3 products in a single ad unit.These ads perform well in facebook news feed.
You can choose an image , Product Title , Short description of your product and an offer link to your product. Many e-commerce sites are using these ad types for sales generation.

You can see the image of how the Multiproduct ad looks like in the left side .
Note : For Mobile Users , You can display only One Product.

4. Page Like Ads :
    Best Placements - Right Column , NewsFeed, Mobile NewsFeed
facebook Page Like Ads images
Facebook Page Likes ads are used for generating page likes for your brand page . This will lead to user engagement on your facebook pages with more comments , likes and shares of your page.
The best placements of these ads are newsfeed . You can add an call to action link in this ad type for your users like Sign Up , Contact Us , Like Page , Watch Video etc buttons for your users .
You should be clear about whom to target for your page likes else your page will not receive user engagements if not targetted to the right people.

5. Page 
Post Photo 
    Best Placements - Right Column , NewsFeed, Mobile NewsFeed
Facebook page post photo ads images
Facebook Post page photo ad is best when used in newfeed and right sidebar. You can choose an appealing image for you business with title , description and link to your page post . You can gain pretty good comments , likes on your facebook page post using this ad type . So you should select a good post.

6. Page Post Video  
    Best Placements - Right Column , NewsFeed, Mobile NewsFeed
Facebook page post video ads images
Facebook Page post video ads are simillar to the page post photo ads but here instead of promoting a page post photo , we promote facebook post page video . As videos are more loved by people and are more creative , more people would engage into these ad types.
Page Post Video ads works best in newsfeed as they are supported on both descktop and mobile version . Many big brands use this adverts to promote their upcoming products with creative videos . All you have to check whether your video is really worth for user engagement.

There are also some more facebook ad types for the mobile apps , which we would cover in the upcoming posts . Have any doubts regarding this post , do let us know in comments section below ...


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

How Cloudflare, W3 Cache Or HyperCache Can Drop Your Adsense Earnings ?

Have your ever used cache to make your site load faster ? Then you might have also noticed a drop in your adsense earnings if you havent configured them perfectly . Google always recommends to make your site speed faster by caching the static files and with the introduction of new google algorithm update for mobile sites, google has clearly stated that it will ignore or drop ranking of sites which are not perfectly built to serve mobile users with good page speed time. So it becomes compulsory to use any good caching services like Cloudflare, Incapsula , W3Cache - Hypercache(For Wordpress Blogs) .

How Cloudflare, W3 Cache Or HYperCache Can Drop Your Adsense Earnings ?

Recently, We made an experiment on how these caching services effects in huge reduce in earnings we were shocked to see the results , there was around 50-70% drop in adsense earnings  with traffic remaining almost the same for around a week .

So What Are The Recommended Settings For CloudFlare , W3Cache or Any Other Service ?

We Know that Adsense or any Ad Units are javascript codes which are needed to be inserted into our pages to show relevant ads to our users . Also modification of this code is not allowed as per adsense TOS. Cloudflare or Any Other service can cache all the static files and Minify the Html , CSS and JS Codes before it is rendered on the web page . To Minify the code, the extra spaces, Line Breaks, Comments are removed from our html, css and javascript code reducing the size of the file. So our javascript code may beak sometimes and results in blank adesense ads . Cloudflare Comes with RocketLoader Which Makes Javascript load faster. This Rocketloader may be sometimes incompatible with the adsense codes resulting in Low Adsense Earnings after cloudflare is enabled on your blog.

How to Increase Your Adsense Earnings Again ?

You can get get back your adsense earnings by just making some simple recommended settings in your web caches services settings i.e, Cloudflare, W3 Cache etc.

1. Change RocketLoader to Manual In Your Cloudflare Settings !

2. Also, You Should Disable Minify Js : Dont Minify the Javascript Codes On Pages, You Can Use Htaccess to cache Javascript files if they are uploaded on your server, but dont minify on page Javascript Code !

If you are Wordpress user, Cloudflare & W3Cache are available as plugin with One Click Setup, So you need to look at every options before activating any plugins like this.
W3 cache has options to Minify the Javacsript codes , You Need to disable it by Unchecking On Remove LineBreaks, Remove Spaces, and Remove Comments In Javascript Code !

Cloudflare ,Incapsula and W3 Cache are Indeed the best services to make your site load faster in user's browsers but you should also know how to use them in the best way to earn more out of adsense else you will end up with decrease in your site earnings !

Still many experts say Cloudflare Or Other Cache Services have nothing to do with Adsense , but In Fact Caching effects your adsense Earnings and it has been confirmed many times by webmasters. Just Make this changes and you will definately see the results within 24 hours if you are already facing this problem ! 

Dont forget to Comeback and Post your comments to let us know if it worked for you or not !