Saturday, 5 September 2015

[Review] - Earn Money By Shortening Links [Payment Proof Added] - Best Link Shortner Service 2015


Do you run a blog or an mobile site , earning money is simple using link shortening. With a decent traffic you can earn good income additionally with link shortening services like  which provides quite best eCPM . Using link shortening services you can earn extra income without adding any extra banners or widgets to sidebar i.e, it doesnot need any space on your site. Just you need a decent traffic , no approval of your sites needed to show ads on your blog/site. You can also choose to use shortest mass shrinker , Social Share Widget On your blog or even shortest api , which will automatically turn your site links to shortened urls.

How Does Works :

1. You need to register on here

2. Once Registered , Just Click On Tools > Website Monetization

3. Click and Copy the javascript code generated from the site and add it before your site </body> tag .

4. Now every time any user visits your site , the user will be shown an popup automatically with skip ad link.

Earn Money By Shortening Links With

5. Even if your site haven’t got numerous external links , you can earn money whenever a new user visits your site.

We have reviewed this site and also got payment from shortest via paypal , its a legit site so you dont need to worry about scam or legit . Shortest is an premium link shortening service with good advertisers , so no spam ads will be shown to your site users.

Here is Payment Proof :

shortest payment proof 2015 2016 paypal

So , What Are You Waiting For ? Start Making Money Now ! Minimum Payout is $5 only .

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